What’s the Best TB hard drive?

Are you run out of storage on your computer or phone? Do you need some other place to store your photos, music and other files? then you can go for using the external hard drives to store your data. Based on your individual needs there are many types of external hard drives present in the market.

For example, a professional photographer or videographer may need an external storage with a large capacity while a student may need only less amount of storage with high-level portability. And some people who are running a small business may need high storage based on the storage capacity, durability and transfer time.

If you are confused with choosing the external hard drive, then this article will help you to explain best TB hard drives in the market.

Western digital 4TB My Passport:

The WD 4TB Black My Passport is certified as a best hard drives in overall performance and fast data transfer options. Even though this is a most expensive drive in the market, it provides an outstanding performance which rivals that of pricier competitors with 3.0 USB port and amazing disk control option.

This hard drive permits a maximum of data transfer speed of 174 Mbs to read and 168 MBS write field. It is available in all sizes from 1tb to 4 TB. This hard drive has a bus-powdered meaning a single cable which is used for data transfers and power supply options.

A single blue light in this hard drive illuminates when the drive is active and 4 rubbers in this drive keep it secure on any surface. The western digital my passport sought lessen its carbon footprint by using a recycled materials for a casing, Whereas the casing is made up of plastic which is still surprisingly durable.

The advanced options provided by this product is tailored for simplicity. It presents 2 separate devices when it was plugged in such as one drive with an external storage space and another one drive with a factory loaded software.

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Seagate backup plus hub 6tb:

If you are not consider the cost as no obstacle, we suggested to taking a close search at the Seagate backup plus hub. It houses a SMR shingled magnetic recording drives that allowed more physical bits of memory in the same space without decreasing the size of the bits.

This type of hard drive provides a lot of capacity as 3tb, 4tb, 6tb and 8tb versions are available and it is fast and flexible. It is compatible with both operating systems as windows and Mac. All you need to do is just install the NTFS driver for Mac and you can use it interchangeably between one operating system to another operating system.

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Toshiba canvio connect ii 2tb portable hard drive:

Even though the price of this hard drive is high, the speed and security level provided by this hard drive will amazing at the most demanding professionals in the market. The all-metal design is highly durable and portable.

It has a build in stack with a shock-resistant metal frame which will protect against the bounces and drops. On the upper side of this hard drive durable as 256-bit hardware encryption which will keep your files safe if the drive is lost or stolen.

But the most impressive part of this storage device is it has high data transfer speed which ranges from 256gb to 2tb is the whiplash transfer with high speed.

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