Can you use terabyte hard drive Xbox 360?

Yes, I can use terabyte hard drive Xbox 360. The Microsoft Company is rolling out an update for the Xbox which increase the support for among other things and adding up to 2tb storage through the USB hard drives.

Here we explain the basic facts present to extend your Xbox 360 storage level!

The larger external USB hard drives are plugged into an external USB hard drives up to 2 TB  to store all your Xbox contents such as downloads, profiles, saved games and some other data.

While the Xbox 360 has a long supported feature for adding an external storage devices, it has only recently gather the ability to add the large capacity drives with up to 2 TB of storage and which has been inspired the users to upgrade the storage in their Xbox 360.

If you had your Xbox 360 for a long time, probably you may have a lot of junk files on its internal storage. So you need to take the time to remove the stuff which you never use especially games that can take up many gigabytes of space.

To do so navigate to the system storage and then correct the device, then choose a product category which you are downloading from the Xbox and then delete the space-hogging games and some other content which you never access anymore.

On the other hand, when you are going to add an extra space on your Xbox, you can do it by plug in an USB device on your system. The Xbox 360 has 3 USB ports with USB 2.0 level with two fronts hidden under a little door and one on the back side.

The user can plug the USB storage drives, flash drives, hard drives and more into any or all of these ports to extend the memory space. After plugin, you need to access the new storage device on your console, navigate to system, storage. You should see the new devices in your list of storage drives after installing it.

The Xbox 360 provides more configuring device options and to know that tap the button on the controller to access the storage device’s options that include rename, format, clear cache and transfer content.

After finishing the configuring option you need to transfer all of the content from one storage device to another storage device. If you want to replace one storage device with another device before that you need to upgrade it to a larger hard drive, then you can do whatever you want in an easy way.

Once you connect an external source to the Xbox 360 then you can transfer individual large games, videos, and all other storage devices.

After that drive those into the correct content category and find the content which you wish to move. You can select the item and then tap y for game options and then choose move and select the destination device.

As an alternative to that, you can select the game or data content and then select which game content you need to move to the other external storage device.

Once you finish the data transfer action you need to save the new content to the new storage device. The Xbox 360 does not have an option to select a default storage device but you can at least select the place where download new content at the time of your download when your internal storage is full.

Otherwise, you can download you content on the internal storage itself and transfer it to the external drive.